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You are welcome here at Word of Hope!!

Our mission is to come alongside people and walk with them toward wholeness in Christ

6pm Saturday | 10am Sunday 
10am online, streaming via Zoom or Facebook Live

9am Adult Sunday School 

Celebrate Recovery 5pm Sunday 

Blessings from Word of Hope. 


If you are interested in joining us on Zoom for the first time, here are instructions.  By using the link it will automatically start a download of Zoom, or tell you to click on "download" to start it. Follow the directions for the download, it doesn't take long and it doesn't take a lot of space on your device.  Log on about 5-8 minutes early so you're ready to go at 10:00.  If it asks for a meeting ID, it's 744 516 103 (it shouldn't).  If you're using a phone or tablet, you can get the Zoom app from your app store ahead of time and use the meeting ID to join the meeting.

We love Christ...a lot! Why is that? Simply, he has made all the difference in our lives - our hope, our healing, our hearts.

We love People...each other and every new friend God brings our way! How is that possible? His love for us has profoundly impacted our ability to love others.

We believe the Bible! No other body of writing has greater authority to tell us about the true nature of life and eternal, spiritual reality than the Holy Bible. So we teach it and seek to live according to it's principles.

We are serious about our walk with Christ - but we have a lot of fun along the way! We know that serving Christ and being part of a church is not just games we play, but avenues of eternal impact. And that's why we are so joyful - hope is alive because Christ has made it so!



Fun and celebration are definitely part and parcel of the Christian way of life.
We would love to have you be our guest on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning and see if the
Word of Hope family is your church family.

Above all, we invite you to explore Christ and the difference He can make in your life! 

Learn what to expect at your first visit.
Check out our upcoming events.

God calls us to a life of generosity. And, one way to live generously is through giving. These gifts provide stability, strength, and support to Grace Church, our community, and our partners locally and all around the globe. Lives are being transformed! Because you give, more people can know that they were made for more and live out the calling God has for them!